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  1. Hey Guys!

    I have noticed that Nirvana doesn't have any active Youtubers ;( (Ordaine posts videos, but only has 66 subs and doesn't even have the rank, so I wont count him) Ace has finished his series in just 3 episodes, and now doesn't play very much at all.

    Youtubers are win-win-win situations. The first win? The Youtuber gets money from the server. This can help the youtuber out and makes the feel appreciated. The second win? The server makes money. All the new people from the Youtubers channel come to the server to play with that youtuber, and they buy command, perks, and ranks, and can tell their friends about the server. The 3rd win? Everyone has fun! The players can be in youtubers videos, and can have fun playing with them. Fun is what Nirvana should be all about.

    I of course don't know what super does for Nirvana, but it seams like he needs to maybe try harder to get youtubers on. I completely realize that Youtubers might not want to play here, because they could get better deals from another server, or just have a singleplayer Lets Play that takes to much time. But I would love to see more Youtubers, and I'm sure we could get some more. (And not like ZexyZek, who we reset skyblock for just so he could do ONE episode...)

    Thanks, Red
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  2. Hey 67 now :p and that is after just a few months, mostly from the past month actually. I do have the rank, but it does not display due to staff rank being higher. If for whatever reason I did ever leave the staff team, I would display as youtuber.
    Super has been very busy with irl lately, but he has been trying very hard to get some youtubers. It is fairly difficult to get the bigger youtubers to commit as well as get them for a decent price. Hiring youtubers isn't very cheap for the server. He is actively looking however.
  3. Congrats on 67 :p (Thats me by the way :)) I guess people just don't look at you as a Youtuber, they look at you as a staff.

    And I completely understand it's hard to get youtubers. Just saying that we need new ones. Also, could you release how much money worth of perks, ranks, and commands were purchased with the code "Logdotzip" "Ace_Unhacked" "Ordaine", etc to the members? That would be interesting to know.

    Is there a Youtuber that super is currently trying to get? Maybe still negotiating with? just so we know who could come?
  4. Thanks :p and yea I did start as staff. Youtube is very very recent for me, but my channel is growing pretty rapidly which is very nice :)
    That wouldn't be public knowledge, nor do I think it could be released as public.
    We can't disclose anything until it is a for sure thing, so when you see a post about it. You will know :p
  5. OK, I didn't think that could be public knowledge, but just wanted to see.

    And I'm sure you could say something like "oLheOanGdniDdjiOuneTnieZnieIinePeo" If he was coming back :p
  6. Man we have ordaine, and his enough.

  7. Maybe some a little bit bigger and better would be good. Ordaine has just started and for being just a few months old I understand, but his videos are pretty bad compared to bigger youtubers.
  8. Wat?
  9. The "67th" sub is me! I think...
  10. Shots fired
  12. Honestly, my rising sub count and views speak for themselves. There are many channels my size that get a fraction of the views/likes mine receive ;)
    I would also hope a bigger youtuber would also have better videos. Especially since it is their job and they have the professional equipment.
    I'm over here with a $400 laptop and a $50 mic pumping out what I think are great videos for what I use to produce them.

  13. Me? xD
  14. Ordaine, I completely agree that you are fantastic compared to your size. You are way better than Ace, who has a channel almost 40 times bigger than yours. You are one of the best in your league. However I think we all want someone out of your league, someone maybe a little bigger ;)
  15. I'm a youtuber and deserve YT Rank kappa
  16. All of 9 subs
  17. That prank video THOOOO
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  18. hey you starting so your videos are excellent :) dont ever be discourage and enjoy while learning in the process i believe you have a big potentia, im glad we have such great youtuber like you in this server
  19. i know XD
  20. That delay THOOOO

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