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  1. Well, this is a unique Minigame; your riding Cows, Sheep or whatever and have to punch Grass on it the quy, who gets most seeds wins.
    Luck + Skill = Fun

    Im done here; bye
    Your dearest Nicki!!!
  2. If I am not wrong there is something similar to that in Hypixel Party games :/
  3. Yeah this game was made by hypixel already.
  4. Mhm, true that that game already exists, but a variation of this game could be a cool addition to Nirvana's arcade. Maybe mix up the snake game with this? Or add power-ups or teams into this?

    What do you guys think?
  5. Yea maybe something similar to slither.io?
  6. Yea, minecraft version of slither.io sounds good!
  7. Yo hani ask Narnia or Ordaine to change your username in the forums :)
  8. Same for you GWIM

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