Land prot problems

Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by Blogbutt, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Im just here to say i need help with land protection.
    I changed my name from 123_5 to Blogbutt and my land protection won't let me use it
    I can't get any staff online, so here's the next pace i went.
  2. Just ask staff to remove your sponge, its a known problem with no solution at the moment, don't worry :D
  3. He knows this is what he need to do :p Look what he said
  4. Next season, this won't be a problem ;)
  5. AKA the crappy 1.9 peeweepee mechanics? Please do the same you "did" to Crusade.
  6. BTW please remove mob stacking in the new CC cuz I wanna mess around with farm designs and the swoop attack.
  7. To be honest I would like them to keep the 1.9 mechanics in the new Cubed because Cubed Chaos is not a PvP game so that doesn't really matter :)
  8. I like having 1.9 mechanics for CC (fully integrated hopefully) to allow for end cities and such, plus some of the new blocks for design. Though I do agree 1.9 pvp isn't necessary as CC isn't aimed at that anyway.

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