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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm proud to announce a gamemode that will be coming to NirvanaMC in the near future!

    This game mode will be called "KitPvP", this game mode is a mixture between Crusade and the KitPvP game mode we had in march 2016.

    We're not quite sure on a release date for this game mode yet, but there will be an open BETA within the next few days to a week.

    - Level and Prestige System
    - Kill Streaks
    - Kits
    - Leaderboard
    and more!

    Unlike crusade, the kits in this KitPvP game mode will be based around vanilla Minecraft. There are no "special abilities", all of the kits are using only items and potions.

    Kill Streaks:
    The same as kits, kill streaks are also vanilla based. Rewards you can get from kill streaks range from potions to better armor!

    Level and Prestige System:
    The level and prestige system in this KitPvP game mode is very similar to the old Crusade level and prestige system. There is 5 possible prestige's you can obtain and each one costs 50 levels. You will be able to convert nuggets to exp.

    The Map:
    We will be using the same map as Crusade, this is because that map was truly amazing and there is no need to replace it!

    We need suggestions for kits and kill streaks! If you have any suggestions please comment them in the comments of this forum post.
    Please note: Special abilities will not be added, so keep the ideas strictly to items and potions.

    Thanks for reading, goodbye!
  2. can the chests be removed in the map....
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  3. I got some suggestions for kits in mind but I have a different suggestion.

    Maybe try to stick to a specific theme for the game?
    Maybe something like from lord of the rings? Maybe some kind of a futuristic theme? Medieval theme? Or maybe even a pirate theme :)
  4. low key its half crusade without the abilities and the crusades happened during the medieval period (im not going back to grade 9 history to check my facts) so it already has this theme ;)
  5. So the kits should be on that theme in my opinion :)
  6. We could do this, but when you say "theme" do you mean the names, or the contents? The contents of all kits will simply be armor, weapons and potions, so if you have any ideas to make them follow a theme, then sure!
  7. Basically anything, maybe eveb try changing the map to make it more fit (Not getting rid of it)
  8. Hey hey hey!!!!
    Is it a server I would play on I smell :D?

    new ign ~sBobby
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  9. yes
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  10. BOBBY <3
  11. :eek:;):D
  12. You should re-add pirate kit as a level 40 kit, as it was pretty good and had no abilities.
  13. Pirate gave blindness ;)
  14. Now when I am think about it is way more harder to think of kits with no abilities xD
  15. Ill be honest here... back in 2015 I used to be a major crusade player. I very much enjoyed all the unique abilities and custom ideas. I feel like having just bland KitPvP with literally nothing to it but boring kits is not going to draw players back here... in fact I don't see the reasoning behind it at all. But yeah, just my input. Thank you for your time.
  16. you're welcome

    i don't know if this was done specifically to draw players back, but i do know that it is playable and played, which crusade was not

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