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    Hello everyone!

    KitPvP is now in BETA and we are desperate for suggestions for kits and kill streaks! Come on and help us test it! To get on the server type "/server pvp" whilst on NirvanaMC.

    The player with the most kills when we finish the beta will receive a free 10,000 nuggets!

    Good luck!
  2. Where do we suggest kits?
  3. Post your suggestions in this post -.-
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  4. I have a really neat idea, maybe make that you can customize your kit?

    Like for example you can choose your boots, leggings, chestplate, helmet, weapon and secondary weapon.

    Basically just take items and give them special attributes for example:

    A chestplate that will give you +10% armor but -5% speed

    A bow with +20% damage and -15% speed

    It will be pretty easy to implement those from what I know
  5. Ideas we could also use are kill streaks :p
    Items and such since there are no abilities currently.
  6. Wait so suggesting items/kits with attributes is good?
  7. Different types of enchants, varying armor types and weapons :p
  8. You know what attributes are right?
  9. How about adding those "bombs" for 50 kill streak back in:D. All they would do is disorientate anybody on the server. lol
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