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  1. I have seen a lot of people pvp on skyblock. Most of the time, they always duel for fun and they like to get their items back. I thought it would be more convenient if keep inventory was added into skyblock pvp. It would be easier so you can have a lot of people battle at the same time for fun, and you don't have to give back the gear. Maybe instead of the items dropping, you could add a dueling system where you could set up wagers? I would love any ideas for how to implement this sort of thing, cause I am not the best person for ideas. It would also be really awesome if there was a bigger pvp arena, because the current one is a little small. The one last season was awesome. :p


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  2. I think the wager idea would be great! I do like the idea of keep inventory! But I don't think it should be on, I think it would only be on for the players that do a command for a wager or something like that. cause then it would be a risk of dyeing and it would not really be fun.. but I wish /fly did not turn off when you go into the arena! cause I go in there and warp back to my island and almost die from waling off the edge. cause last season we could fly BUT if we got hit it would disable it and I would love a bigger arena!
  3. Yeah, the risk of losing your stuff should still be there. There should also be a thing where you can do more than 1v1 wagers. It would be awesome. Maybe have 2 arenas, 1 for keep inventory and 1 for no keep inventory? Or just have a thing where you can set up mass battles with the whole server. Maybe you can request for a server wide battle and it will send a request to everyone on skyblock if you want to join. But there should at least be a 24 hour cool down on the mass battles otherwise people will just spam it.

    P.S. I am just thinking and typing my thoughts at the same time so sorry if it is out of order. :p
  4. I think a wager system will be fantastic. It is really annoying having keepInventory off in PVP. A wager system will certainly fix this. Or, like you mentioned, having two arenas; one for safe fights and the other where you lose your stuff.
  5. Love the idea of the wager system :D

    And yea even tho I don't play much skyblock I still think the pvp arena is kinda small
  6. skyblock pvp isnt meant to be for wager or for keep inventory personally i just think it should stick to how it is
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  7. Yeah the wager system sounds great, just like street racing, u either bid $100, $1000, or Your car, so you can wager nuggets, money, or your gear!
  8. Yeah, the two arena idea is awesome.
  9. skyblock isnt meant to be a pvp based server it doesnt need a arena in the first place
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    A lot of people like to pvp with their god sets in skyblock. Skyblock isn't supposed to be a pvp server, you are correct. I made this post so when people do want to pvp on skyblock with the god sets that they have made, it could be more fun. I made my god set for the reason of pvp on skyblock, otherwise you don't need a god set for fighting mobs. I also find it very fun when everyone on Cubed goes to the pvp arena YOLO style to fight mass battles. This doesn't happen in skyblock because people don't want to lose their god sets, so I wanted to make it happen on skyblock because it is really fun. Anyway, I find pvp on skyblock very enjoyable and I think that the ideas about the wager system is gonna make a little better.:p
  11. Actually if keep inventory is on on pvp then it will suck. Honestly i really like it because you take a chance on dying and losing your stuff or doubling/bettering the items you have. As Wolfie said...skyblock isnt meant to pvp. if you really feel like your in a pvp mood go play crusade or hardcore pvp.
  12. Keep inventory has never been a thing in Skyblock.
    If you don't want to lose your stuff, store it in your pv.
    Make a specific set for pvping.

    The whole point is to fear death. If you die, you SHOULD drop all of your stuff regardless if you are on your island or in pvp.
  13. I completely agree with both of you guys that not keeping your stuff makes it more challenging. But for some reason, whenever I have seen a pvp fight go down, I see the same comment every single time, "You better give me my stuff back." I am not saying that keep inventory should be added to skyblock as a whole, just a fun pvp arena or wager system that people can use to pvp and go HAM with the god sets that they have created.
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  14. Personally I agree with Fusion on this. Skyblock isn't meant to be a pvp gamemode, but allowing players to fight eachother with the gear they collected by themselves is a good thing and almost every skyblock server has a pvp arena. So why not try to make the best out of it? I wouldn't just enable keepInventory either, as their must be a risc for entering the PvP arena, but with all the "You better give me my stuff back" right now I feel like having wagers would be a perfect solution to this.
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  15. Exactly!
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  16. Any chance removing keep inventory in Cubed?
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  17. Yeah. If Skyblock isn't mean to be a pvp gamemode, then just remove the PVP arena entirely.
  18. Nope, keep inventory has always been part of cubed.
    There isn't a problem with the pvp area. Players are just getting salty they are losing their stuff.
    Skyblock is like Prison. If you die, regardless of how. You don't get your stuff back.
    It is just how the gamemode has always been. There is really no need to change it.

    The point is to fear death. Do everything you can do survive.
  19. Yes, but what about the wager system? In my eyes, a wager system will make pvp and wagers easier and make 1v1s more fun. Yes, it is a change to pvp on skyblock, but I think it is a change for the better and makes the NirvanaMC skyblock experience more unique than the others.
  20. Personally Im not a fan of pvp. I have never been, so I dont really like the idea of making pvp better on a skyblock server. Theres really no point. Pvp normally isnt even a part of skyblock. The main purpose is to better your island as much as possible. So whats the point of adding all these extra little pvp things when theyll just keep you away from your island and from bettering it?
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