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  1. okay so, I play on the classic pvp a lot and ive noticed that the NAC works very well, but there's one problem. The NAC only kicks people its kind of annoying to me since I see a guy get kicked then 5 seconds later he's back and cheating again. I was wondering if whoever made it could look into trying to make it so if the NAC has to remove someone more than a certain amount of times then the NAC will ban them. For example if someone gets kicked 3 times then of the fourth time if it detects them cheating it bans them. That's just my opinion, and im not trying to dis the AC or say that the server did a bad job at making the AC, just making a suggestion. Thanks :)
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    this was happening till *cough cough "people" cough cough* (me) kept on getting false-banned cause people kept getting kicked cause of their high ping.(me in a nutshell) but since i dont play on the server now and i dont think anyone else has this problem they should add the banning back
    i got like 3500 kills on this and i've got kicked like... idk, i've been counting. i'd guess around 70, i lost track after 55
    i got banned twice cause of this and i asked if they could remove it, happily for me they did :) good staff man. even tho they sorta h8 me i think they have a solid reason to. other servers' staff just suck. nirvana is one of the best servers with the staff thing. small servers' staff = sucks. big ones? sucks.
  3. The NAC kicks players when it detects them cheating, but due to lag and other reasons, these kicks can sometimes, even though this doesn't happen often, be false. That is why we no longer have the anticheat ban players, since we want to prevent innocent players from getting banned falsely. The actual hackers may not be banned from the server, but they do get kicked often which temporarily stops them from hacking on the server.

    If you find a hacker ingame, you can always use the "/report" command to report him, so staff can deal with the player.

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