Island Competition

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  1. 2015-05-22_21.24.18.png This is my house... it is a very small one.
    2015-05-22_21.22.18.png Here I have a aerial view of the top of my base... you can see my nice tree farm... my nice farm... and my chests with my riches in them and emergency food... my pet.
    Here you can see a very nice view of my farms it has wheat... carrots... sugar cane... cactus... and soon to be added cocoa beans, nether wart vines.
    2015-05-22_21.25.41.png In this one there is the walk way leading to my house... a duel cobble generator... and four funaces a crafting table... also behind us is a little area to look out.

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  2. This is a cute little island :p

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