Is NivanaMC down?

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Qualara, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. I've been trying to log in today, I got in once but when I logged back out I couldn't get back in. It's saying it's down for maintenance?
  2. Yeah that's probably mean that they working on something :)
  3. So it is down? Can you get on?
  4. It's saying Hypixel is down too. Might be a problem my end.
  5. The Mojang Authentication servers are down. You won't be able to connect to most minecraft servers right now.
  6. Is that why so few peopl were online tonight?
  7. So you're having this problem too?
  8. Yes. Mineplex and a lot of other servers are having connection problems as well
  9. No i was on skyblock. ... but there was only a total of about 60 people on the server at the usuall busy time..
  10. I'm having the problem too. It's a matter of if you leave when its down your out so it's "What goes out, stays out".
  11. Nuts... All I did was try and change my biome. xD Should have stayed.
  12. I went to go on another server with Shy and I left first and I should have stayed. It's already beendwn for 2 hours and probably more. I guess I'l go play Trove

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