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Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Red_EyedWolf, Dec 29, 2015.

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  1. I waited for help in skyblock mystic for the 4th day now and no one came to help me.

    So maybe someone will see this msg and help me. My spawners from the nether are broken, i placed 2 blaze spawners down and they turned in to pig once so can some one fix my Blaze-, Wither skeleton- and Magma spawners plz. only blaze spawners was placed other once not but they change too, i know that coz their name on the spawners is green not yellow and green name changes it to pig one :( plz help i beg you
  2. Sorry, but the devs on nirvana arn't doing anything on sklyblock, so these bugs wont get fixed anytime soon. Maybe they will be fixed by Christmas?
  3. Guys, I know it is taking like a tons of time for them to fix but, it wont really help to repeat the same bug again and again.

    The Developers are aware about this bug xD
  4. 3 mods promised me that wubs will fix them then he came i asked him and he said he will be with me in a sec but he left and never came back
  5. As I said, I don't know what they are doing but I know that they aware of the bug :)
  6. its not a bug they added new spawners to silk, well updated and my spawners is out of date so i have them but they are fake coz they are not spawners anymore, so... i got spawners to fast and i had them and now when the update came to the spawners they broke
  7. Oh I think I understand :/
  8. So you know why i need devs help fast as possible or i cant start my new project
  9. @Wubs
  10. i fixed spawners on skyblocks over 2 weeks ago.
    I just now re-confirmed that they are still working just fine.
  11. Also, if you have the old spawners, they will be glitched. If you buy the new spawners they will not be glitched. Spawners from about 3+ weeks will be glitched and will not work. Newer spawners should work.
  12. I bought a spawner about a week ago, it didn't work. Also, can there be a trading post where you can cash in old spawners for new ones? Its not fair to tell people who bought their spawners 3 weeks ago that they just wated 15k
  13. How they can do that? :/ bout' a week ago week ago
  14. Maybe just if you see a mod or above online, they could come to your island and break you spawners in return for new ones
  15. That could work :)
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    NO.... my spawners from NETHER are not working i need my 2 blaze spawners, 3 magma spawners and 4 wither skeleton spawners fixed. i cant buy those spawn eggs to fix the spawners

    So @Wubs could you fix that for me really quick. because your fix 3 weeks ago broke mine that i got month and a half ago.

    When i plased to Blaze spawners they turned in to pig one and stays like that. My friend gave me 2 spawners and they work coz they are your updated once and my is not updated coz they were in my pv all this time from day one almost after reset

    @Wubs just come to Skyblock mystic and i will show you and you will see that i am correct.
  17. I think you can ask a admin as well to switch them for you
  18. I tryd to ask anyone... or they say "i will be with you soon" and the forget or "i cant help you ask someone else" and leave

    But if someone could help me a would appreciate it.
  19. Try to log in nirvana teamspeak and poke a admin or something and see if he could help :)
  20. I will personally make sure Wubs replaces your spawners and makes sure they work for you. However, the Devs are EXTREMELY busy right now as we are getting ready to launch a new server. I know this is frustrating, but as I have said, the Devs are very busy trying to make sure this server is perfect for the launch. Thanks for the understanding.
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