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  1. I think You Should add wool mixer, skyblock, skywars and some other cool games.
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  2. Seems like great ideas for the Arcade!
  3. I love those 3 games. Skywars second favourite, wool mixer third favourite, skyblock forth favourite
  4. not really skyblock since that is not a minigame but the rest are nice
  5. You can still have skyblock though.
  6. No, this server wants original games, this isn't original
  7. Lots of big servers have these games
  8. Not Mineplex or Hive or Hypixel
  9. You'll be surprised how many servers have their own take on Skyblock and end up being popular. I've seen several takes on Skyblock and some are really awesome.
  10. Ya, but they're not as big as Mineplex, Hypixel, or Hive.
  11. Popularity doesn't matter. I prefer servers with 50 - 500. Also mineplex is popular due to youtubers.
  12. Mineplex is popular because they pay their YouTubers to play on the server and because they advertise on server websites both of which they don't need to do. Hypixel doesn't do either one. I feel that Hypixel has a great sense of community that not many other servers have because of that. I like to play original games also, Sky Wars is fun but not really original.
  13. Smaller communities, such as the one on ProMC are nice. The staff can get along and get to know the players while on big servers such as MinePlex they aren't as seen and they can't get to know every individual equally.
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  14. I agree, but the development rate of smaller servers is a snails pace relative to bigger servers. Hypixel's staff members do get to know the players, I have about 4-5 staff on my /friend list and Skype with them quite a lot. I feel big servers can have a good community. Also, without this server growing we can't have games that are more than 25-50 players because they will never fill up.
  15. I like skywars, but a skyblock server will cost a lot of money for storage and it is not so original so I don't think it will fit in this server.

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