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  1. I am making some pretty huge builds. I realized that the server will reset one day so i have an idea. At the end of every cube season, you should keep the old map and make another map, the current cube version will be called cube 1 or something like that. i don't want to build megastructures and lose them because of a reset, like if you agree.
  2. For like 2 seasons I started building a 1500x1500 and 100 height project, but I couldn't finished it because of the resets :)

    This is how it works even tho I like your idea :)
  3. If i remember correctly the Server wont reset for about 4-6 months may change though. But saving an entire map i don't believe will be done. A fresh start is always nice even if you lose your builds =] I've been in 3 seasons and have made some nice and big things. Every new season you can give yourself the challenge to build something else and finish it :p
  4. i know how you feel but tbh i think a new fresh start is better, it gives you new ideas :p
  5. We should still keep the old server after a reset but make it private and allow people to go on once in a while. I don't like how the builds are gone after a reset
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  6. Maybe they will put the map up for download, and you can just complete it then :/ But its always been like this fresh start new season
  7. It would've been really neat if they kept all the Cubed maps and then showcase them in the server :)
  8. They can't, because it would add on... Cube - 8... and they have to pay for each minigame I think so no
  9. So at least make a map download?
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  10. Map files are way too big by the time the season ends.
    Each server also costs money to run, so having the old map where only a few players would join just isn't worth it.
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  11. That point I already understood, what about map downloads?
  12. Yeah maybe Map Downloads would be cool... But each would be like 5 GB so i wouldnt get them xD
  13. More like 30gb+
  14. well 30GB is a lot for me... and for everyone lol. Think about downloading again Butter. I barely have 1.5TB of storage (this PC, other PC and external USB hard disc) so no lol, and it would take like 2 years to download because my internet is trash.
    and for the staff, it would takes ages to upload them too
  15. Then recreate the world block by block >: D

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