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Do you think this map is cramped?

  1. This map is cramped

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  2. This map isn't cramped

  1. So I was thinking about this crazy (but cool) idea. If nirvanamc gets more popular and more people play cube, the world border extends 10k or 20k blocks out to make more room for the new players. I was exploring and I found people living 50 blocks from each other so I think this map is a bit cramped
  2. The map is currently pretty large. I've flown thousands of blocks and haven't seen a single house.
    New players like living closer to other people. It is just what tends to happen.
  3. But eventually if the player base in Cubed will grow, the border will be extended as well?
  4. this isnt because the map is cramped people just live close together, kinda creating a little community, there is a lot of space, people just choose to live close to others! But most likely when the server is more popular and loads play cubed the map will have to be bigger or it may be cramped
  5. Thats just how people work :p
  6. Im not talking about towns guys, im talking about seperate player bases being like 50 blocks from eachother.
  7. We weren't talking about towns either. Some players like to build on their own where as most like to build around other players ad have neighbors.

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