I Want To Join And Play SMP

Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by seahorse8, May 30, 2015.

  1. Hello, first of all i would tell you that i am very excited to try and start playins some SMP. Second my Ign is seahorse8, I love SMP and will be playing constantly, i will follow all rules and respect staff, and all other players. I hate racism and would never in my life try to offend someone of a different or own race. I promise not to hack, and be responsible. I will also not try to abuse and expose glitches but report them if found. I hope you take my request to join the server into consideration! Thank you for reading.
  2. We would love you to join Cubed Choas SMP!! It's even better knowing you'll respect the rules, I'll look forward to seeing you on there<33
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  3. thank you!
  4. Im kinda confused i though that u gave me perms to play or am i still not allowed?
  5. Of course you are allowed to play
  6. Hmm.. What's this Cubed Chaos SMP, :D
  7. It's the name of our SMP
  8. boi i dint even read the rules I started playing like a boss #alpaca
  9. daechung! XD :rolleyes:

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