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Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Sysiphus_the_gr8, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. I have mafe this thredlad to tell you my ideas, you trll me yours abd to make sime amazing chabges to the server. 2l1 idea is that we should have a whole new hub and skyblock hubs abd skyblock ships.thyley are getting a bit old and boring and I do not like them at all. Anither is to reset tye nether. It is a complete mess and we need more bkaze spawners because some guy eho never plays has taken thrm all.What about you?
  2. I am sooo sorry about the spellings my samsung doesnt have auto correct like my iPhone
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  3. I have autocorrect on my iPod but Samsung is crap :)
  4. 1. There is a nether reset played to occur in the next couple weeks.
    2nd. The hub was just changed for Halloween and it looks amazing and the Skyblock spawns are actually quite cool.

    In the future if you have any other suggestions please put them in the "Suggestions" part of the forums.
  5. There's a suggestions part of forums? :/
  6. Yes there is. If you click the "Forums" tab and scroll to the middle of the page there is a "Suggestions and Feedbacks" section added onto the forums.
  7. Okay thanks :)
  8. Of course :D
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  9. @Alaskan_Hunter what rank are you?
  10. Ohh okay. I thought you were mvp.
  11. @ProAtafking because I made this to be unique. I didny know there was already 1 so I fell kinda dumb
  12. your not dumb stahp
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  13. Apple fanboy! Samsung are quite good as are apple
  14. @ryano123 Samsung are crap.I don't like android
  15. I can tell you the s6 is amazing
  16. @ryano123 samsung is as good as apple BUT. It doesn't have autcorrect it does it wrong lelllll

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