I got bored....

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by hani_saur, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. ty!
    Imma make me in that position my profile pic :) It's that good!
  2. Well I am a Slime, what did you expect?

    Looks great :)

    mhm... Wubs as a tag?
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  3. i dont think the positioning is right at all cause im 100% sure wubs would just be messing something up with narnia telling him off about it while ordaine and darkechoblade go off secluded from everybody else
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  4. Hani make a picture of all the staff :D You can get the IGN's from the list that I made :p
  5. well if i do, i'd need madara to tell me what they would do so its 100% accurate
  6. this wasnt supposed the be accurate, just was messing about with stuff :p
  7. That doesn't matter, just make it :p
  8. noooooo, it needs to be 100% perfect!
  9. I would be doing Slime stuff
  10. That's a start, make SmilingSlimeGuy bounce on a slime block :p
  11. heyimchan do me pls
  12. be nice.....
  13. Hani, Sorry to put u through this struggle but some scrubble put a copyright on my skin -_-, so I had to change it...
    IGN: KaiTDS_902
  14. What do you mean by copyright?
  15. On certain websites if someone stole your skin and claimed it as yours, you can claim a copyright on, like on youtube, but this guy decided he wanted my skin for himself and take credit for it
  16. If you made the skin, it is yours.
    If it original, copyright is automatic.

    Just change your skin back. They can't force you to do anything lol.
  17. The website has "Banned" me from using the skin now -_-
  18. The actual minecraft website?

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