I got banned for 2 weeks from Thornagator for making a joke about x raying on towny

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by AIDANZ3, Jul 2, 2016.

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  1. I was playing on towny with Papi5 and we were messing with SrMod zombie. I said i was going to go mining then papi5 said "you should use x ray" jokingly and so we continued on making jokes about xraying. A little later SrMod zombie left the server and thornagator joined. For 8 minutes it was silent then out of no where thornagator banned me and papi5 for 2 weeks. The quality of staff on this server is very poor, we were just joking and meaning no harm now i cant play for almost a month that is like a third of the entire summer. Me and papi5 are extremely angered by this incident. Please can you shorten this punishment we meant no harm and we were just joking.
  2. hey dont trash the network theres different punishments for towny itself they do things their own way
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  3. I did not do anything wrong though. 2 weeks ban for joking is way too much
  4. Appeals should be posted in this section of the forums and should follow this format:

    Title of your appeal must only be:

    Your Username - Ban Appeal

    Content of your appeal must only be:

    IGN: Your exact Minecraft username.

    Ban Duration: How long you were banned from NirvanaMC servers.

    Ban Date: The date you were banned from NirvanaMC servers.

    Reasoning for Ban: The given reason for your ban.

    Proof of Innocence: A link to a screenshot or video proving your ban was unjust.

    Your Story: An explanation from your side of the story.

    Also, there apply different rules on the towny server. But joking about x-ray and misleading staff members is not appreciated and will result in a punishment.

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