I DID IT! Eat that Godfather :p

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by LordWeezy, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. http://imgur.com/2KEHU0E

    Now if you look at that screenshot, that screenshot shows that I have beaten Godfather's record of 179 killstreak I went up to a streak of 429! I could have went higher but I was very tired .-.

    I know it may not seem so cool to you guys, but it's an amazing accomplishment for me. Because I swore that I would beat GodFather's record when I first met him and we just took off. I'm glad to be part of an amazing community and to have rivals here and there xD. It's a fun time for everyone! Have a nice day! :)
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  2. Dang. You're too l33t. o_O 429... xD
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    Thanks chambys38 <3
  4. :D was it so high you don't have a response?
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  5. GG <3
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  6. Well done only one little thingy ;). I have an killstreak record of 670. :)
  7. o.o
  8. Hex0r bruh cen you nut heck. Iem gunna puntch mai cumpoter becoz iem made!!
  9. well i mean, i know that my ks was broken, this thread was to show that I beat Godfather, I don't really care if anyone has the record. I just felt happy because I set a goal to beat Godfather. But you know, you can go brag about it I don't really care sooo.. good luck I guess.
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  10. Don't blame me nerd I was bored.
  11. what kit do you use
  12. I used Wizard :)
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