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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by WafflePvpYT, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. i am trying to buy unban and ive never bought anything on this server but when i got to purchase my frist unban it says 'you cannot checkout because you have purchased too many chargebacks' but i havent purchased anything plz help thanks
  2. My best guess is that you purchased too many chargebacks, not sure though.
    Hmm strange...
  3. i havent charged back anything or bought anything from nirvana
  4. It isn't Nirvana related. If you have done any chargebacks on ANY servers, it still counts towards total chargebacks.
  5. i didnt even put my bank details in and it said chargebacks
  6. Contact BuyCraft and see whats happening, maybe your so called sibling did a chargeback on the credit/debit card
  7. Your username "UUID" Has had too many charge backs that what it means, you don't have to add your bank info to find this out just your username. As said above you will have to contact buycraft to see what was charged back. Try and remember if you bought something on a different server and it was refunded.
  8. i think i remember charging back once i contacted buycraft askin them if they could remove the chargeback
  9. Chargebacks are not refunds or returns.
    If you chargeback, you are basically saying you were scammed. Which is why you get banned.
  10. well basically i was on another server and i bought something and did not recieve it so i refunded it but how can i fix this? ive already contacted buycraft... because my cousin itsMero wants to buy me unban but it wont work and he asked mods if he could buy something for the same price and i get unban then u take away what he bought but ninjabree said no?
  11. The only thing you can do is contact buycraft. It isn't a Nirvana issue. There is nothing anyone here can do.
    The ban is tied to your account. Your UUID.
    It doesn't matter who tries to buy you an unban, it just won't work period.
  12. i contacted buycraft and they said this http://prnt.sc/cd2rgp so i think wubs might have to changed some threshold thingy idk :p
  13. i dont think wubs would lower it cause of the saying once a chargebacker always a chargebacker
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  14. i just want to get unban D: if i chargeback just ban me? XD
  15. thats kindof the point we dont want someone to chargeback so why take the chance even you just said you could
  16. Give it up already we tried being friendly and professional, but that doesn't seem to be working.

    Now, if you would kindly stop asking, that would be great. Don't x-ray, don't get banned.
  17. bruh i wasnt even using the mod this WAS my fav server rip nirvana wallpaper XD
    thanks, Suru
  18. Having the mod in use while playing on the server means you are USING the mod. And that is why you are banned. The staff are not "trash", they are doing their jobs keeping people like you off of the server.

    You have charged back too many times and that has caused your situation, you cannot lie your way out of this as your situation is permanent due to Buycraft T&C.

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