Huge underwater city construction [Need Builders]

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    A while back i went by then name CheezeyGamer but then changed to Narcyzx while i was away for a few months, Anyways before i left i started a rather large underwater city in high hopes of populating it. Now the task of building has become too harmful to the landscape with me constantly digging and mining. As well as the fact that building underwater by yourself is very difficult and slow. I had some help from aaron, bryantaur, Korbrent and Phillip9101 for about an hour or so and we got a lot of work done. I will be giving deluxe plots (when they are finished) to those who help. Depending on how many deluxe plots we have.

    The city will mainly need quarts glass and andesite for building paths and walls. I will use all the help i can get because when this city is done it will be amazing.

    If you help you wont receive diamonds because i don't have enough for everyone to get paid. But if you have some spare supplies or spare time then come down to /pwarp IslanderMC Atlantis in order to reach the city.

    People needed:
    More builders
    Thanks! 2015-12-01_21.57.47.png 2015-12-01_21.57.53.png 2015-12-01_21.58.00.png
  2. :D I cant help you because I have my own project but good luck with it! :)
  3. I can help you with supplying blocks but I don't think I will be able to mine or build since I have my own project:). If I do have some extra time however I might be able to mine or build for you;)
    Dis looks so cool! :p

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