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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Narp, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. I recently made a map of the Hub Maze. Not sure if this is allowed or not (pls dnt hurt meh), but I have made a video with a link to the map.


    Link to the map:
  2. emm I think thats a bit cheaty...
  3. Don't use it then...
  4. If you don't want to memorize all of the movements... just constantly stay to the left.
  5. I've completed the maze 3 times with my own instinct, this just ruins the challenge, I had to use my skill to get through the maze but wheres the fun in looking at a map
  6. How did you recreate the maze? I cba to watch.
  7. First, I have to say that this video is great :)

    Second, yeah Barkey got a point :p
  8. Barkey? really??????? key :(
  9. I mean like you mentioned a good point :D

  10. you said barkey not barky -_-
  11. Hmm ok Sharkey
  12. Thanks for creating this. Some users will find this very beneficial. Although to some it may seem cheaty, it is a good service to other players and will encourage others to play hub games more often!
  13. To all the people complaining about how "cheaty" it is, simply don't use it. Then your time spent in the maze can be al off of what you guess. ;)
    Quit complaining please, because there's always the option to just not use it.
  14. Going through a blind maze involves no skill... it's purely luck. I made this for players that don't want to spend hours trying to solve a maze.
  15. It took me 10 minutes....
  16. lel me too :D

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