How do people gain mcmmo so fast on West? Whats the secret?

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  1. How do people gain mcmmo levels so quick please tell me!
  2. Actually it's not that quick it takes a really long time. Acro grinding if the easiest since you just fall repetitively. However repair and salvage take a long time.
  3. Ohh makes sense thanks for telling me!
  4. No problem;)
  5. Hmm what is mcmo levels? :/
  6. -_- It's a skill
  7. I had to look it up myself. Might try the mcmmo wiki for more information. Google is your friend here or try this:
  8. Ugh okie thanks xD is there mcmmo in skiblock?
  9. yes all of the skyblocks on this server have the mcmmo.
  10. Ok, lol now I need to read all this wiki to understand clearly what is this xD
  11. Like I said it's a skill ._.
  12. Well, the word "skill" dosent help me to understand that :p
  13. Some examples of Mcmmo are:


    These skills are leveled up by your actions of doing so, for example, when you fish, you gain fishing levels, to have further information on a skill do /skillname so for Fishing, do /fishing, and for you to see all of your skills do /mcstats it shows all of your skills that you are able to level up.

    For the secret to gaining Mcmmo levels so quick, I would suggest to create a tree farm and continue using tree feller, it massively increases your levels.

    Hope this helped! :)
  14. I am going to reveal my secret on how you can gain easy levels.
    1. Acrobatics. This is one of easiest skill one can level. Just make a couple of stair cases at different heights (So like 5 block height, 7, 10). Don't mind dying cause you can store your stuff beforehand and everytime you die just do /is go (assuming you set a home).
    2. Woodcutting. This one is actually the fastest one can level. Plant 2x2 Spruce Trees and tree feller all of them. That's it. Make profit from selling the logs. (Best if use Eff V diamond axe with unb 3)
    3. Herbaslism. Break crops, that's it. Make a huge sugarcane / netherwart farm and you're good to go.
    4. Fighting skills. (Axes, Swords, Unarmed, Archery) Build a dark room natural spawner (mobs spawn without a use for a monster spawner) and let them bunch up together. Hit them with whatever you want to level, its that simple. (Note: you don't get xp from Monster Spawners i don't think)
    5. Fishing. Easy levels, just time consuming. Defo worth it levelling as at high levels u can fish diamonds and treasure. (If someone can come up with a slow and working auto fish farm, that'd be gr88888)
    6. Last one I have is mining. Buy /warp end and mine endstone.
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  15. I see the word "skill" at least 4 times on Zan's post. Lol @Mr_Buttermen
  16. Because it is a skill xD
  17. Most of this I had to learn on my own. Wish this list was around earlier. For mining I have been going to the nether and also by creating a stone generator. --I currently do not have access to the end.
  18. Ok I am confused
  19. @HeyImChan There are automatic AFK fish farms. Look for one on youtube. On CC i use a small one built into my base.
  20. I know.
    See I said that.
    See his is the confused one xD

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