Hopper glitch

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by spacecom, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. This has happened twice now where the hopers in m redstone clock stop working, the hoppers dont rotate the items and they stay jammed in one hopper. I'm not sure if it's my redstone thats causing this but I dont think so.
    Please help if you know what to do, thanks.
  2. Yeah that happened to me too but in cubed chaos :/

    Try to break them and replace them again, That actually helped me :)
  3. Hoppers don't activate when having a redstone signal, so make sure none of your redstone is touching the hopper because if the redstone is on, the hopper is off
  4. This happend to me I took out the items and put them back in
  5. if it keeps happening do what flipside07 said oh break 1 sticky piston on your clock (if it is a etho clock) and place it again
  6. This may be an issue with the fact you are building it on a multiply er server. Sometimes ticks will skip and the cycle may jam.

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