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  1. Alright going to have to break this one down a bit.
    The lag on skyblock wasn't the server's fault. It was due to the massive pumpkin farms and animal farms many players made which is why limits HAD to be added.
    That being said, we still have some of the lightest limits of any skyblock server out there.
    Crusade - Yes it was down for awhile. The coding was old and had to be fixed. We didn't really lose that many players when it went down as well.
    We had no control over lS. It didn't really have a place on Nirvana and it grew to big to stay on the server.
    It only came back to help bring life back into it. The game itself became too stale too fast. We also didn't want to break it again when it came here by adding too many op things that it had previously.
    It had an average player count of around 5 which is why it moved back. The Nirvana community didn't really like the server and it never regained it's popularity so it was removed.
    It hit 400 when LS was released and we had a very big youtuber streaming daily on the server.
    Our player count is still above for what it was a year ago.
    I honestly don't know where this is coming from as you do not see our private management chats or our staff chats.
    That is your personal opinion. This season has at least double the amount of players than last season. Players are also a lot more active on this current map.
    If you don't like it, don't play it. There are a lot of players that enjoy it.
    Most of the staff that left were demoted or were close to a demotion. (A lot have come back and have been banned)
    Yes some good ones did leave, but that is due to what is going in their life outside minecraft.
    We currently don't have any "bad" staff and I can say that proudly. We do a good job training our staff. We have excellent guides and punishment system. We are in a far better place than we were a year ago.

    We have a great server. Smooth games with no lag. An awesome, well trained group of staff. Still a good average player count.
    If you don't know what is going on behind the scenes, it is probably best to not make claims or start senseless drama.
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  2. this is the most well thought and amazing responses I have ever seen gj on that way better than cosmics to be honest with you.
  3. Ordaine is great at thinking issues and and explaining things :D Best forum member
  4. Ordaine just rekt ryano tbh...
  5. I agree with few of the things above, but most things I disagree. And the most I disagree with is, CC has become boring. That's just your own opinion mate.
  6. Everything i wrote was my opinion. Just because you agree with some doesnt make them fact, others can still disagree like ordaine. Tbh I was expecting ordaine to react like that because he never criticises the server when sometime is actually wrong which is a major problem here
  7. For one, I am a Manager. It is my job to look after the server. I do not lie about what is going on.
    Why would I also criticize the server that helped me meet a lot of really cool people and friends, got me into youtube, got a really amazing staff position, and found my amazing girlfriend.
    Criticizing does absolutely no good. It just makes you look silly for flaming about something that so many actually care about.

    There is also a big difference between criticizing, giving false information, and being constructive.

    Opinions are one thing, stating false information is another.
    And you can have all the opinions in the world, it is best not to flame about it on the forums.
    If you have something that is ACTUALLY construction with ways to fix it, that is the best way to "share" your opinion.

    Basically stating "x" is bad. "Y" is bad.
    There is nothing to gain from anything that is said.
    You also stated several false thing. You do not know what is going on behind the scenes or what is happening in our private chats.

    If you want to help, I would suggest...
    1. Be active.
    2. List problems and ways to fix it.

    Logging in once in a blue moon and flaming about the server is the wrong way to go about it and will only get your post deleted or get flamed yourself.
  8. why haven't we hired you yet, almighty ryano.
    oh i know, you say stuff like
    love you too
    as survival servers do long after a reset
    you have no idea...

    honestly, you should start a server and call it "nirvanamc 2.0". i would love to see how you manage it and what staff choices you make!
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    Says the person who openly criticised the server and how it was run on his youtube channel??????

    Edit: I also never had to hack in this game unlike you <3
  10. Gotta hand it to you, I like your resilience. Believe it or not I think you actually do quite a good job so good on you for that. I understand you see me as a trouble maker. Thats fine. I give up
  11. took long enough
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