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  1. Hello everyone!

    It has been awhile since we have done a post like this and due to the influx of helper applications, I think a nice little guide for filling out helper applications would be of great help.

    So first off, let us all welcome our four new helpers to the team!

    • ShiftyShift
    • ItsTacoTime (Formally ZoomBug)
    • 0minous_
    • MoneyT20
    All applications have been answered and closed. If you didn't get accepted this time, do not worry!
    Wait a few weeks and try again!

    *Be sure to read the rest of this post to get a few pointers on how to better your next application.*

    So let us start on this "Guide."

    Before you even begin filling out an application. You should consider:

    • Am I NEW to the the server? - We do not accept players that have been on the server for less than one month on the server. This is so you can get to know the community and staff.
    • How ACTIVE am I on the server? - In order for you to have a chance at staff, you have to be on the server quite often. (We do take into account school and work).
    • Do I TALK to the other players and staff? - One of the key elements we look for are players that actively talk to other players either via teamspeak or chat. We don't want someone on the team that doesn't know our community or want to take the time to get to know our current staff.
    • What do I do to HELP out the server? - We look for players that actively help other players and assist our staff. We want players that are willing to prove to us they want to help just to help. (Trust me, we know the difference between helping to help and helping to get something out of it).
    • What does my HISTORY look like? - If you have a bad punishment history on Nirvana, I am sorry to say but you probably won't be accepted as a staff member. Although exceptions are made. If some time has passed since your last punishment and you have shown a considerable change. You may be considered for staff.
    To check your punishment history, head over to our ban page here!

    If you have answered all of the above questions, I think it is time to move on to your application.

    • When filling out an application, make sure you ANSWER EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY!
    • If you want a fair chance, do NOT put one or two words down. We look for COMPLETE SENTENCES and WELL THOUGHT OUT ANSWERS!
    • If you know any staff PERSONALLY, list them in your application. Do NOT include staff if you haven't personally talked to them. A simple "Hi" will not suffice.
    • Once you have finished, be sure to PROOF READ! SPELLING AND GRAMMAR COUNT!
    If you think you are ready to fill out an application of your own, click here to start!

    More information on the helper application process here.

    By checking this box and submitting this application YOU ARE AGREEING THAT ASKING about the status of your application may result in application DENIAL!
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  2. Informative! Congratulations to the new helpers.
  3. Question, Do you need to be a Donor to be apply for Staff?
  4. no, you don't.
  5. Congratulations to the new Helpers!!
  6. ^
  7. It used to be a requirement, but it isn't anymore. We have accepted non-donors in the past, so that wouldn't be an issue in an application.
  8. Welcome new Helpers! Wish you the best luck!

    And nice informative guide you made over there Ordaine :)

    Btw this thread should be a sticky thread
  9. why should it be sticky its in the news section....
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  10. :O Good post, I'll be sure to give it a try in a couple months (Because Im new :D)
  11. They can move the thread to other section ya know
  12. but why would they? its news its not anything else
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  13. I mean it has a really informative guide for players who wants to apply and stuff
  14. what if you got false banned 3 times but got unbanned the next day?
  15. this cant happen anymore if a single player is false banned then unbanned they get extremely extra careful with the player cause they dont want it happening again
  16. Butter, you could quote this post and add it to your staff members list ;)

    False bans would not decrease your chances, no.
  17. Already did :p
  18. Happy to be here!
  19. ^^

    Good luck to everyone who applies!
  20. Soon there will be more staff than players :( This honestly makes me sad. Nirvana was a great server with lots of potential. Server lag on skyblock and crusade being down for months killed it. The way ls was handled did not help. You lost your loyal player base that loved the excellent nirvana skyblock that was in my opinion the best skyblock on any server. Thb once the server hit 400 players it has been downhill since then, sorry. There have been some horrible staff choices and management is poor (serious note @Ordaine you do a great job not calling you out, honestly ik we have had disagreements but you really are for this server, even though you should sometimes agree with your players when the server isnt perfect). Cubed chaos has become stagnant and boring, good staff have left and worse have taken their place. Changes needed D:

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