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  1. How do you apply?
    First step in the application system is rather simple. It is to apply! To do so you must first register on the forums. Next go to and select helper option. Finally fill out the form completely making sure to read all the questions properly.

    So now you applied what is next?
    Well after you have applied your application will be open to be read by any staff member who wishes to do so, they will then leave comments on their opinion of the application and application writer. The application is then normally reviewed by a Admin+ who will read over the application and the comments from the staff team, From there the application will either be denied or accepted. If you where accepted you will be swiftly contacted by a Admin+ or Evan(Helper manger) via Skype. This process can take on a whole from a week to 2 weeks.

    So and so said I was accepted but no one contacted me?
    I love all the staff on the team but some like to jump a head of things. So if anyone other then a Admin+ tells you been accepted you should probably ignore them and just contact one of the admin+ team.

    How do I know if I was denied?
    Well to put it simply if your not contacted after 2 weeks of submitting your application your most probably denied.

    I was denied, does that mean I can never be staff?
    We have no problem with you re-applying but we suggest you attempt to help more or try to stand out in the crowd of the players more before re-applying. Without doing this your application will be denied again.

    If anyone has any question please don't hesitate to ask!
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