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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Josh, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Hello there. I just came on here to say hello.


  2. When your image doesn't work :S
    Oke, I know you should post links but for me, I'm extremely trustworthy... sorta, kinda.
    It's just a poor lil' imgur of something funny.
    That now sounds like a link to a virus...
    ok bye
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  3. Well hello there :D
  4. I've been hiding for about 1 month from Nirvana, I didn't know you got staff. Congrats and gook look for when the promotion/demotion day comes. You don't need my 'Good Luck' as you're ace at things, but yeah... hi
  5. Well oh hi
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  6. Hello! I think I know you... names are horrible when you change them because I have no idea who is who. I'm just a small child... I know nothing..
  7. Past IGN: Grim_Meeper

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  8. Hello.. o-o
  9. Just so u know Gwim I was Sysiphus_the_gr8 but I am now Mythical_H4mster

    are you not admin+!?!
    btw i love you ao much lick meeeeeeee :) :cool" sweg guy
  11. Thank you so much dude <3
  12. I dont know if youll remember me, but I was 'MrSuperSweet' but I changed my name and then the owner of Nirvana took the name.

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