Hardcore-pvp Highest kill streak!?!?!?!?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Vexin/zero_chase, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. 2016-07-25_08.53.16.png 2016-07-25_08.55.32.png 2016-07-25_08.44.06.png 2016-07-25_08.44.34.png 2016-07-25_08.44.11.png I was playing yesterday or maybe the day before and got a kill streak of around 30. I was also stacked with full iron a diamond sword and anything else you could get in the game. although today i got a kill streak of 33 or higher while protecting my children . <------(inside joke , only some people will understand what i mean :3 ) and After being "Brutally murdered" by QuickShark , i wondered who had the highest kill streak on hardcore pvp.
    If you know please comment below :3

    Screen shots of my first kill streak

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  2. I think someone had around 500 xD Not too sure about that :p
  3. You can clearly see in the Top lwft hand corner "Sprinting (Toggled)"
  4. That mod is allowed on here :p

    These should be the top killstreaks, but it might not be correct though
  5. lol the top ks is definetly not 13 since me narp and narnia have gotten 20s before and some people 50s that list is probably daily
  6. ITALIANBOY65 has a high kill streak i think it was in the 30s-40s i cant remember
  7. I would r8 the observation skills m8
  8. ive gotten 23 you guys should know dat its not hard :3 (for some people)
  9. Kurtisdede has the highest, 110 killstreak, my best is 67 I believe
    (look at Kurtisdede profile pic)
    (also my killstreak was on crusade, RIP Crusade :( )
  10. I remember that players legit got 600+ killstreaks on Crusade, I think my own top killstreak was somewhere near 70, can't really remember :p I find it harder to get killstreaks on hardcore pvp because of the target, no abilities to escape, many players in a small arena, no killstreak rewards.. but I think my highest killstreak on hardcore pvp was about 15-20
  11. I got like 15 in hardcore pvp lol i dont try :p
    And that 110 killstereak is nothing lol people used to get 500's every day(okay maybe not everyday but often)and people got 100's daily few times... I got to 100 few times tho only... now I'm much better at PvP, I can get to 500'S i think! (if AAC doesn't kick me. If AAC kicks someone it shouldnt kill the killstreak)
    Once I got to 150 but had to go xD
  12. Dude, 110 is nothing... I've gotten in the 600s :confused::D

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