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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by William111112, Oct 13, 2015.

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    Hello my name is William or will well im having a halloween party on CC this Friday come your scary skins (or no its optional you dont have to) on Friday the 16th everyone are invited everyone just dont grief steal or other stuff hope to see you there the pwarp is /pwarp William11112 halloweenparty
  2. Hha will make sure to be there ;P you should make a /pwarp tho :)
  3. Try making smiley/ A ouija board building so it's like Halloween and try to make it Friday the 13th so it's based on the movie. That would be oarsome. Great idea
  4. Will do just need some help with some of the building's
  5. Sure I can help! I've watched em soo many times I know what they look like. And here's a idea for Halloween irl.

    Search on YouTube how to do smiley makeup be that omgbso scary XD
  6. we have a time for me its 18:00 central European time so 9:00 pacific time maybe changing it maybe dunno
  7. I won't be able to make it. :( I'll be at school! D:
  8. yea just found out that's a really bad time to set it at xD gonna find another one
  9. Maybe try it on a Saturday for 20:00 your time :D
  10. i can do 11:00 or 12:00 pst hmmm which one
  11. 12:00 imo
  12. okay time has changed to 12:00 pst time on friday
  13. Is it 12pm or 12am? Lol. I will definitely try to make it :)
  14. Count me in babe :D
  15. Wait is it 12pm or am because I'm in NZ and I don't know the us times. Could you please tell me?
  16. Whohoho spookey party :)
  17. 12:00 pm and im still in school. RIP
  18. Since its in us.. It'll be Saturday for me at 12:00 but I have guitar nuuuuuuu what time does it go to?
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