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  1. Hello Guys! Alot of you might know my name from somewhere or somebody, but anyway. I wont go into that much detail but I have recently been on NirvanaMC ALOT! And today on Cubed Chaos I got griefed Buy 5 Fellow members, and as I watched it all I could do absolutely nothing.Anyway, when staff finally came ( @Insomniacs , @Narnia & @SmilingSlimeGuy ) and the griefers/hackers were banned, I was so delighted and I would like to say a massive thankyou to these staff who helped me and my team-mate out,
    Iove people like this :3

    (This isn't an appeal, only a thankyou)
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  2. No problem :3
    It's our job as staff to take care of any hackers, griefers or rulebreakers that come on the server. Yes, at the time of the grief you can't really do much about it, but you don't have to be scared for your area to be griefed. Staff will always be able to lookup the name of the griefer, and rollback everything, including killed mobs and entities. If you ever find your area griefed again, just make a /report or message a staff member and we'll sort it out :)
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  3. You don't just sit there, grab a lava bucket and burn em' =)
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  4. Even YOU can look up who griefed you! Just do /co i.
    For example, if someone broke a mineral(Iron, diamond gold... Anything goes) block, or anything, as long as you know its place, you can just go there, do /co i and look who did it. If you are curious and no staff is on.
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