Griefed Again :(

Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by Sysiphus_the_gr8, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. This might not be as serious to some of you as it is to me and my teammate***
    Me and my team-mate scooch2003 has put in hours and hours of work to make the nether spawn safe and looking nice. We haven't even finished it but already things have been broken for no reason... (Don't mind the bottom line)

    I just don't get why to do it? What is the point of doing things?
    :( Some people need to get a grip
  2. Its because some people like to bring others down by taking away their accomplishments and griefing making them feel good, but then thats quickly taken away by a ban
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  3. Yea I never get it why peoples taking their time to destroy other peoples stuff
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