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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by MrSuperSweet, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. As we add more and more features to the server, its hard to come up with new ideas and keep up with all the nerfs and adjustments...so we need your help! So whether its nerfs to classes, forum adjustments, or general suggestions this is the place to put it! Here are some guidelines to make everything go as smoothly as possible!

    [Tags] are an easy way to organize the thread! Put [Tags] in your title such as the gamemode, suggestion type, etc.

    [SG] [HS] [LS] [Forum] [Staff] [SG Nerf] [SG Buff]

    We like to follow the rule of productive criticism! Being rude, negative, angry, or obnoxious will not accomplish anything and may result in the banning from the forums. If you bring up an issue, its better to offer the solution
    as well!

    Good Suggestion:
    "Hey Guys! The warrior class in survival games is OP, I think it needs a serious buff. Maybe instead of a diamond sword for tier 3, you should use an iron sword!"

    Bad Suggestion:

    Please put Minigame Ideas, Gadget Ideas, or other "Feature" ideas in the "Minigame and Feature Ideas" forum. Thank you guys so much, lets work together to make this the best Minecraft server ever!
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  2. U should make the sg plugin similar to mcsg but with grace period
  3. make it more unique no tierings would be nice
  4. You should add revives to crusade, if you die you can revive and redeem your kill streak for 1000 nuggets but start with half health
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  5. I hope you read my application even tho I won't make it most likely
  6. Lol I would love that, but maybe more than 1000, remember when I had 242 hearts? Imagine if I could have died and just gotten it back every time with only 1000 nuggets. I had around 7000 at the time. So yeah :p
  7. Yah just because I bored
  8. I
    completely agree! Sounds like a good idea :)
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  9. i think you should make the server 1.8 and 1.7 if you are able to do that. The reason for this is cause in my opinion and in lots of people's opinion 1.7 is better than 1.8 for pvp. This would be usefull for sg and crusade
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  10. Try to stop abuse of power please! ex: WeezyF5 used /heal during battle (note: he was not using any healing kit), and it was extremely frustrating as he did this many times to me and other players. he would turn around, after healing, and kill you.
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  11. Lol, the only kit I ever use is wizard and says the one who was using speed/fly hacks and your friend even admitted saying you did.
  12. Yes that is true but I have once seen you heal once not by wizard weezy
  13. Noah... You... Just... Got... ROASTED
  14. I have 2 things to tell you

    1. Mods don't have access to /heal
    2. Health pots
  15. They will still find a way to accuse you.

    Things that will happen if your good:
    • People accuse you of hacking.
    • People say your P2W.
    • People target you.
    • People try to team with you.
    Stay strong my friend.
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  16. He's clearly under aged.
  17. he isnt even good its just that nirvana doesnt even have a proper ncp if u want to face an actual good pvper go on badlion
  18. Weezy i don't mean to offend u so can we stay cool?
  19. Is there a thread where we can post pictures?
  20. Bring mcmmo to cubed or some version of skill leveling.
    It would add another level of challenge as well as fun little perks to cubed while still keeping it an smp and mostly vanilla.
    I'm not saying add block and all those crazy things. I'm saying for example you activate your axe and it insta mines a tree or two.
    Something like salvage would be amazing as well. Break down old armor or weapons or tools for a return of supplies used to make it.
    Enchanting bonus, have a chance to create a book or not spend the levels when enchanting.
    Smelting, have a random chance to proc more items when smelting.

    Just a thought :)

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