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    Hello Everyone!

    So I have spent a few days gathering materials to create this FREE enderman and XP farm for all players on Cubed Chaos.
    I see so many players message me or other players where can they get xp. So I thought you'd enjoy this farm.
    Took me a few hours to build but like a said a long time to collect materials.
    When on Cubed Chaos type /pwarp vickyy endfarm to get to the entrance.
    If you don't want the enderpeals just simple put them in the surrounding chests.
    There is also community enchantment table, ender chests and anvils so you can put your goodies away.
    If you notice it isn't op that is just because it is a free farm and plus I don't know how to do that lolXD
    Finally please don't grief or a ban will be made. Feel free to take ender pearls from the chests though!
    Also if you have any farms you'd like to share that you made on Cubed Chaos comment! I'd love to see all your ideas.
    Here are some pictures so you know what to expect.
    End Farm Enterance
    Community Enchanting Area
    Enderman Spawning Area

    I hope you all enjoy! Remember show me your farms so players can see all of your creativity!

    Love you all!
    Bye for now

    Vicky xoxo
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  2. Vicky you are the best and thank you so much for making this XP farm
  3. No problem! I hope you enjoy it
  4. I imagine a lot of noobs are going to be banned in the near future...
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  5. Yea... that's true. But getting rid of griefers is easy. I'd rather have a community thing
  6. I imagine a tons of peoples just afking there for no reason
  7. In the picture, the endermen spawn by the spawners so you have to kill it manually.
    But I do think people are going to AFK there and collect xp from people killing them.
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  8. aha no problem:p
  9. Good job Vicky!
  10. THANK YOU so much! Now I can have a better means of trasportation!
  11. aha no problem!
  12. Thank you so much Vicky because of you i have ender pearls for days!

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