Fire Spreads in the End

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Should Fire Spreads be turned off in the End?

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    Hello Everyone.

    I am writing this post to petition that Fire Spreads be turned off in the End. (unless it already has been) The whole purpose to have Fire Spreads off in the End is that so things such as this don't happen again. This was chaotic to clean up and there still may be damage currently unseen. Hopefully with this said Fire Spreads can be turned off in the End.

    The place has been burned for a third time. This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed.

  2. first of all why is all of your area flammable...
  3. Most of it is flammable because I like the way it looks on the inside
  4. and i know people that see flammable items and instantly think in their head challenge accepted heck the shirt im currently wearing says Non-Flammable? Challenge Accepted.
  5. Oh lord, this is your public thingy right?
  6. Yeah, it is. It's been fixed though. I think Fire Spreads has been turned off as well.
  7. Thanks for this devs
  8. They definitely need to turn that off to deture greifers. BTW I love your public warp
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