Few questions about farms!

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Kurtisdede, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Lmao we both know that is not true
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  2. *cough*an admin*cough*
  3. Ive tried making one. Never works out. You cant make an autoclicker to hold down a button. Better off using tape and being accused as a hacker when it looks like an autoclicker @Kurtisdede
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  4. Yeah, You can't make autoclickers hold down the button.
  5. Actually, it is true. And I wouldn't suggest trying as you will indeed end up getting banned.
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  6. The same server that it is/was possible to use regen on. Yes DW I DEFINETELY believe you
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  7. stop being so negative ofc theres no anticheat on skyblock since its not a pvp server but people still get banned for it
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  8. Wolfie is right bois! :p

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