Few questions about farms!

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Kurtisdede, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Is Wither AutoCobble Farming allowed?
    Is Auto Wood farming allowed?
    Is Auto Fishing machines allowed?
  2. Yes
  3. Is autoclicking allowed(In an afk fish farm) please please
  4. I don't think you can use a mod, but I think that holding how a key by taping it or putting a stack of quarters on the space bar is allowed.
  5. you cant autoclick/kill aura is not allowed.
  6. a alternative to auto click is set your right click to a button on your keyboard ( make it a big button ex. R-Shift) and place a heavy odject the can press the button and TADAH U have a autoclick with no hacks or mods!
  7. Dayum, never thought about that xD
  8. I've always just put a weight on my mouse. Being a naga, it is super sensitive so it doesn't require much.
  9. I know, but My fish farm is kinda broken so I cant just spam it it needs to rihtclick like evrey 0.5 second.
    Anyway, since I know that I will just break that fish farm down and build a better one. Thanks
  10. Auto fish farms are always done with holding right click. You fill your inventory with random stuff and leave a single spot open for a fishing rod, build a dispenser/hopper system that auto feeds you fishing rods. Hold right click and win.
  11. I know if you press F11 and Right click at the same time it should fish automatically. Then just alt-tab out or windows-tab out.
  12. Put right click to spacebar and put a rock on it. Or just use an auto clicker, no one will know
  13. I would not advise using an autoclicker, we can tell if and when someone is using one. Which will instantly result in a ban for hacking.
  14. How could you possibly tell? They do the exact same thing
  15. not true at all lol
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  16. Then what's the difference smarty.
  17. autoclicker does seperate clicks while with taping down a left click is just one continous click
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  18. AutoClicker can be set up to do a continuous click, identical to holding down a button.
  19. that means its not a autoclicker i dont think you understand the differences at all
  20. Autoclicker is a mod. It can be set up to click a bunch, or just hold a button.

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