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    This thread is about your guys' favorite anime. Mine has to be Boku Daku ga Inai Machi (Erased); it's just really too good.
    I know that @bloodshed121 and @SuprFlyDarkCry favorite anime is Boku no Pico, and @Zoro favorite is One Piece. What's yours?

    edit: good animes past season are Myriad Color's Phantom World, Konosuba, and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.
  2. Mines Sword Art Online ^-^
  3. Pretty typical anime favorite.
  4. My favorite anime is Attack on Titans, even tho I never saw it, I heard the storyline and I actually liked it :p
  5. theres like 13-14 one piece movies i dont recommend anything older then strong world tho

    my favorite anime is one piece then naruto then inuyasha then rave master then sword art online then highschool of the dead then deadman wonderland then eyeshield 21 then angel beats
  6. Hmm I've heard a lot about one piece, what is the storyline of it?
  7. a guy named luffy sets off into the world of pirates by leaving his home island on a small boat and he gets caught in a whirlpool so he puts himself in a barrel then the barrel is found by a kid named coby who was working under a pirate against his will and luffy beat them up and he took coby to a island where a corrupt marine captain had a man by the name of pirate hunter zoro tied to a post for execution unless he survived without eating for 30 days but they werent gonna honor his agreement luffy asks zoro to be the first to join his crew and he asks luffy for his swords first luffy grabs them and cuts zoro off the post and zoro stops the marines behind luffy and luffy stops the marine captains spoiled son from killing coby while zoro cuts down the marine captain himself and they both set out to find a crew and find the one piece and luffy become the pirate king
  8. One Piece is about a young boy named Goku who has the power to control all four elements and he needs to become hokage in order to protect his village from the mean pirate people. Along the way he meets many friends by the name of Bleach and Cory Baxter. They have adventures along the way that include fighting a guy named Inuyasha, who uses the Death Note to kill his enemies. In the end, Goku finds out that his love of his life, Hatsune Miku, was killed by a Titan so now he becomes a Jedi. @Mr_Buttermen

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