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  1. So yea, some of you may noticed that in the last 2 weeks I haven't been on Nirvana and that is because I had a lots of preparations for the starting year, starting from 4th September I am moving to an sport academy which means I wont be able to play for Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the past couple years.
    I will get back home every week in Thursdays evenings but then I will need to head back to the academy in the Saturdays evenings. (My time zone is GMT+3)

    At this little time that I will have on the weekends I will probably spend the time with my family and friends.
    Not even talking about that I will have games to play on the weekends so that means there will be a lot of weekends which I wont even be at home.

    Of course I will have time to play here but unfortunately it wont be a lot.

    I just want say, Nirvana Network has the most awesome community in it, I've been in like 4 more other server communities (each one of them I was for around a year or a half) and Nirvana is so far the best.
    I enjoyed here playing all of the gamemodes and I know Nirvana had it ups and downs, but I can see this network is going to be the greatest.

    I want to thank to the Staff, Developers and the Build teams that are running this server, all of you made Nirvana what is it today.

    I also want to thank to the players, to the ones that I was playing and talking to daily, and to the ones that I never really had the chance to talk, without you the server was nothing.

    One thing I want to say, on the forums I will be active since I got my phone but not much as I use to, only at evenings (GMT+3)

    About the staff members list thingy I made, I will just update it whenever I get back home :)

    That is basically it, thanks for reading and.... <3

    I sorry about meh grammaer
  2. Good luck and have a great time! :)
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  3. Good luck and have alot of fun!!! I had alot of fun times with you and sure hope to see you again :D
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  4. Have fun, buddy.
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  5. Thanks all of you <3
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  6. Im going to miss you butt-er man (it never been men) have a great time at the sports academy, you will be missed loads I hope to see you again, but for now bye~
    from broken hani
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  7. Good luck and have fun bud!
    We shall miss you :)
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  8. Good luck buttermen :)
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  9. Thx <3 had a great time with you all!

    I will miss you too my old friend <2

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