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Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by DrDerpKoalanda, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. can anyone help me get rid of the signs that my exmembers left on most of my chests... they stopped my iron production and my storage space and have killed some of my mobs.. can anyone help me!? plz contact me between 4-8pm pst plz and thank you
  2. It would help if you left your in game name, so they can find your island when your offline. Also what signs you want broke so all of it can be done when you're not here. Also which skyblock is it?
    @Ordaine @Komo @Shaaun @Gwim
    I have tagged some staff to lend u a hand as well.
  3. Well my ign is KILLERKOALA (THE O is a 0)and on skyblock forest and the signs I would liked to be removed are the ones that are basically not in my "room" btw thank you for the help Brian
  4. You forgot Emma! :O @emmalovescats
  5. I tagged the ones who r active on the forums daily. Also i passed this along to cory. Did it ever get fixed?
  6. I'm pretty much online daily, so tag me next time ;) @Brian
  7. again, i tagged the ones who I see active on the forums alot.
  8. IN A WORLD were @Brian dosent tag @emmalovescats and then she gets salty ba ba ba ba lol I couldn't resist
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  9. so can anyone help me or are you guys just going to say that your active?
  10. i asked above if it ever got fixed. ill try to get it to a staff member
  11. I'm available pretty much anytime shoot me a message and I'll take care of it.
  12. It got fixed thx tho
  13. im glad it got fixed
  14. Also it wasn't me.Yes you did kick me for no reason but I didn't do this.So please don't blame me as I had nothing to do with this.Also me and skippywillow have moved knee are now in a cozy little island and we are going to expand.So yeah,don't blame me.It wasn't my fault
  15. But please tell me why you kicked me and SkyeTheLazyPanda because we worked hard on that island and then you just kicked us.
  16. Message him
  17. Or you can just post on hes wall :/

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