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What I want added most:

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  1. No Insta Kill for Tanks

  2. Less Healing from Mushroom Stew

  3. Nuggets can buy items

  4. Different Maps/Events/Loot

  5. Teaming (no PVP between Team Members)

  6. Levels (better gear for noobs)

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  7. Less warnings...

  8. 1.9 Upgrade

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  1. I was afk for a while on the new HardcorePVP Server (in the little Lobby area) and when I came back I was a Tank,
    it´s a small bug, but it is an annoying one.

    By the way, I´ll add a few wishes for the gamemode:
    -Tanks can´t be insta killed
    - Mushroom Stew only refreshes 3 hearts (instead of full heal)
    - You can purchase gear with Nuggets before going to war.
    - Custom Items from Fishing
    - Map Changes every 12 hours; I´d help make maps
    - Bow Change - The longer the arrow is active the more damage it deals
    - 1.9 upgrade so spamming isn´t a Thing
    - Regeneration 2 for 5 seconds after a kill
    - 3 Kills for killing a tank
    - More Events (Slowness, Blindness, Hell (Mobs summon and kill you) More Items (Elytra (in 1.9), Splash Potions instead of
    Potions, Bows with power, Swords with Shárpness, Xp Bottles
    - Teaming (I know some People will complain, but some People like teaming with good friends (and others even with
    strangers)) Maybe like this /Team create [Name], /Team add [Name], /Team remove [Name] /Teamchat [text] (If you are
    in a Team you can´t harm other Team members)
    - Level System There´s these one People and the others; we call them the Noobs and the Pros, come on give noobs a
    let them get a better start than Pro´s, because if a Noob is mad, he cries
    - Remove Killstreak warning If you kill a Person multiple times you get warned and I do believe eventually kicked, so I´m
    definitily not Leaderboard teaming and it stumbles across me so often.

    Thanks for reading all this crap <-- We all knew it from the beggining

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  2. The Purchasing gear part isnt going to be added since they want the gamemode to be as fair as possible
    And for the map making we have a build team :p
  3. I voted for less warnings since I'm not boosting but just when Barry and I are the only people online I am always getting those warnings..
  4. Sorry man but I don't agree with anything you said,

    Maybe adding Elytra to the game or even chorus fruit would be neat, the Elytra should spawn rarely in the chest in the middle and sometimes a chorus fruit will be spawned as well :)

    What do you mean by "I was a Tank?"
  5. A 'tank' is an event were one player gets full diamond with a diamond sword. ;)
  6. why would they make it 1.9 pvp if they made it 1.8 on purpose? nobody likes 1.9 pvp hence why would there be elytras either? its fully 1.8
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  7. I agree with you, 1.9 combat sucks.
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  8. Add more maps and after every kill you should get a reward of healing for example in goodlion in ffa when u kill a player u get a golden head so the kill was worth it. Also kill streaks would be so cool! 5ks as soup 10ks Dias sword 20ks your own wolf
  9. Players now get nuggets as a reward for killing someone.
  10. "Goodlion" - "badlion" eveni will say the uhc ffa on there is boring lol its all clean ups
  11. Nuggets dont help you in the next fight do they you should get regen or something so the kilo can help you kill the next person
  12. So you saying Hardcore pvp isnt cleanups? In goodlion you get a golden head for regen so you dont get cleaned up.
    But in here you fight someone you have to wait like 2 minutes to heal back to full so I think it will make the gamemode more fast pace and stop people from camping on the mountain.
  13. I actually like the idea with the wolf :) Should be added in my opinion
  14. Its slowly turning into crusade xD
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  15. Why bother say goodlion lol. Fair point, regen for a few seconds would be better though
  16. Nahhh, it would be too op

    I see what you are saying xD
  17. Add leveling system, 5 prestiges, 70 kits and a Crusade map, and killstreak rewards as well!
  18. That's an idea!
  19. Guys but now really, Chorus fruit would be a cool future to add to the game :)
  20. Are you on 7/24? Because everytime someone posts something you reply within 1 min

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