Events within Pvp Are Being Exploited

Discussion in 'Minigame and Feature Ideas' started by Matt Harding, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Me as a player on Nirvana who tends to spend the majority of his time playing PVP compared to the other games, i have came across a problem that is quite annoying. As many people will know who play the PVP mini game there is an option to pick an event, for example: Beat the Tank, Random colors which are all cool, and unique, however there also events such as One In The Quiver or Instant Kills which yes i can see why there put into place, to add a temporary twist to the game, however i have found that the majority of players who i come up against exploit it and just use it as a way to kill me. I'm not trying to brag, or be big headed but i have played many PVP mini games on Minecraft and would say i am somewhat good at it, therefore leading to me getting killstreaks often, which also leads to the players who im playing with getting annoyed, and irritated and sometimes more than that and leading to me getting threatened/abused within chat. Anyway onto the point these player(s) are literally just non stop playing these events spending all of there in game money in order to kill me non stop, and i just don't think it's fair how you work hard to get a really high kill streak, and then all of a sudden multiple players are chasing you with there rods swinging (as for some reason it's an insta kill whilst playing one in the quiver) and your just trying to avoid them to save your kill streak until it's back to normal game mode again.

    I understand why the events feature was put in place but i feel as tho too many players exploit it, and yes i know there spending it with all there own money, but i just think there are many better, more fairer ways to include the feature. One being a cool down time, so once a feature is used such as One in The Quiver or Insta Kills there should be a time period in which that specific event can't be used say 2-5 minutes. Or another way is to just get rid of them and replace them with other ones. As it's just not fair on those who spend ages on the server trying to get a high kill streak and then all of a sudden someone who isn't as good just takes it away from you by one arrow, or rod.

    It would be great to hear a response to this too see what other players think of this, whether you agree or not. Thank you for your time!

    - Matt
  2. personally i really dislike instant kills
    i think one in the quiver is good though; it doesn't change too much, especially since most people are terrible with a bow (i do however think that the rod glitch needs to be fixed)
  3. I think it's good to have instant kill for good reasons. As you say you're really good at pvp, Say you're teamed with other people and you just keep on killing everyone. Instant kill is there to end that and to make it somewhat fair. Say you're geared with all diamond gear and have alot of stews, instant kill is there to make it fair. Me personally if i join and see someones on a high kill streak i throw instant kill on for fun, it changes the game and keeps people from camping in one spot the entire time getting kills over and over again.
  4. a lot*

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