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  1. Welcome back to another Ender Dragon event.
    I will be using this thread to announce the days we will hold the Ender Dragon Event on Cubed Chaos.

    What is the Ender Dragon Event?
    • This event is held on Cubed Chaos on a custom made island in the end.
    • We will be spawning several Ender Dragons as well as a few Withers.
    How do I join in on this event?
    • To participate in the event, simply be online!
    If you would like to check out the island prior to the event, use /pwarp Narnia Dragon.

    When is this event?
    • This event will also be held biweekly. (The times may vary depending on player counts.)

    (Yes there are rules. We would like to make this as fair and as fun as possible for all participants)
    1. Fly is not allowed. This event is going to be ground combat ONLY. Anyone who is using /fly, will be removed from the competition.
    2. Do not grief or harvest the materials on the island as this island was created for the sole purpose for hosting this event. Any player found griefing, will be removed.
    3. Only one dragon egg per player per week. This is to ensure everyone has a fair chance at getting their own egg. Anyone found looting more than one egg will have it removed from their inventory and be given to another player.
    Don't forget to have fun! We'll see you guys soon!
  2. The next event will be held tomorrow, April 15th 6pm EST.
  3. Why don't you also have some sort of small notification board on the server itself, at spawn? That way, the people who don't really have access or don't go on the forums have access to the info more easily. Plus, it may be a nice addition to spawn anyway :)
  4. yes that would be nice wouldn't it, being able to see when events are happening and being able to plan ahead
  5. Please make it so for people living in England it isn't at like 10.00 pm and not to early for people living in different parts of the world
  6. Well with people all over the world, you can't do that. Its normally at about 3AM for me, because I actually live in asia. Because most people live in the US, its at a convenient time for them.
  7. Maybe have the event twice on that day, 12 hours apart, so that it's more convenient for people who don't live in the US. If somebody gets an egg earlier in the event, they can participate later but can't get another egg. If someone doesn't get an egg before, then maybe they can try again if convenient. Overall, minus the couple of annoying people who hog eggs, that would probably help more people have access.
  8. The funny part is at there were notifications at spawn (dragon event at 6 est) somthing
  9. The problem is that it still wouldn't allow an equal opportunity for people living in other parts of the world.
  10. We don't need an equal opportunity. The time it's at now is best for the majority or players, and that's what we need. If you want to wake up at 3 AM to join the event, go ahead, nothing is stopping you.
  11. Ok, that's fine if you disagree. It doesn't even affect me (unlike internet connection :I ). I just wanted to point out that, yes, while it is the majority, I think there should be some opportunities to encompass more of the people on the server. I'm not trying to start a major argument; I just want to see if it'd be possible to work things out to help more people :) .
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  12. I would love for them to change the time so we can join in, I was just saying that it probably won't happen. :(

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