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What should happen to him?

  1. Permanent Ban

  2. Killed forever in game losing all money forever

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  1. Norwalls was on my island team and i come back today to see i died and lost all my stuff, he took all the iron, he grabbed all the chests from the chest room, all the items are gone, my beacons are gone... i seriuosly dont know what to do right now because i dont have the amount of time to put in like i used to... he also stole all our pumpkins. Imma kill him 2.png Imma kill him 2.png Imma kill him.jpg imma kill him 4.jpg

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  2. I think you should have been posting it on the Report Section :/

    Or you don't want to report him? :)
  3. At first I thought you said Narwhals xD like the animal. Although I believe this is bannable.
  4. We do not condone killing and we will not permanently ban, It will be dealt with professionaly.
  5. i dont care if he gets banned or not i would rather get my stuff back and let it be but he has ignored all things of me trying to talk to him. but thank you for looking into this
  6. ok so Alaskan_Hunter ended up getting most my stuff back from norwalls just wanted to put that out there
  7. Can you prove that it is the exact items? If so I will talk to Alaskan.
  8. @ItsTae No other staff was on so I was able to help @TheWhiteGui with getting his items back. I did it peacefully and very nicely through PM chat, i was very fair and calm with Norwalls and he calmly agreed to return the items. I got the items from him and was able to return them to @TheWhiteGui with a huge thank you that came from him.
  9. @ItsTae i can not prove it was the items that were stolen but with the help of @Alaskan_Hunter i was able to get enough items to feel like i could actually do some work again. it would be great to see alaskan as a helper cause it does seem there is never staff around when most people need it. i am very thankful for what alaskan as done and even norwalls gave me a lot of money back for what he did. and again i thank you so much @Alaskan_Hunter for everything you did.

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