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  1. I've been noticing something odd, The rise and fall of donor perks. About the time I joined, ranked players (or players in general) were rare. So you'd expect that there wouldn't be much of a need to give lots of perks to those donors. But as the server grew and people bought more ranks, and more ranks were added, the perks rose. But during the decline of the server more ranks were added (Pro and Pro+) but unlike in the past hardly any perks were added, and most of them were already in other ranks. And as there were less games, there were less perks. Which brings us to today! Where there are four games. Much of which need more donor perks to justify spending $100+ on a single server! So here are some suggestions for perks to consider to add.

    1 /fly in sky block $25 for a command? Seriously?!?!? This seems ridiculous to me, I think it should be a perk for mvp+ and above or maybe pro and above.

    2 Kits in prison. In the old prison there were kits, Which you got with ranks. But now for some reason, they got removed! Prison as it is isn't popular so maybe you should add stuff to make people want to join it, and buy a rank.

    3 A donor mine in prison. In the old prison, there was an OP donor mine. Many people bought a rank just for that mine. So I think it should be brought back

    4 A monthly bonus for ranked players. I think there should be a bonus for ranked players like: all ranked players receive one of each crate key per month. VIPs get 1000 nuggets a month. VIP+s get 5000 nuggets a month. MVPs get 10000 per month. MVP+s get 15000 a month. Pros get 20000 a month. And PRO+s get 25000 per month.

    5 Donor crates in cubed chaos. Back in the older seasons of cubed, there were donor crates, which should be brought back

    6 Remove the coloured armor in classic pvp. Now this isn't adding but removing, and it's a perk. When people see someone in purple, green, or blue armor they tend to gravitate towards them, whether they know it or not. So if it were removed, we wouldn't have this problem.

    7 Double nuggets. I think VIP and VIP+ should get double nuggets, MVP and MVP+ should get triple and PRO and PRO+ should get quadrouple.

    8 Novelty features. I think there should be special funzone items unlocked with ranks. The higher the rank, the cooler the stuff.

    These are some of the things that I think should be added for Donors leave your thoughts below!
  2. There are Donor mines in prison. They are not "OP" because this prison is meant to take longer to level up.
    /warp Private
    /warp Private2
    /warp Private3
    Are all donor mines.
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  3. we already have nugget multipliers
    most people liked the colored armor in pvp
    and donor crates were removed cause they made the game too easy for donors it gave end game items right as you start and just made it just not fun anymore
  4. It's $19,99, and it has been like that for years. Many, many players have bought it and it is honestly one of the things that is worth paying for.
    There are already multipliers, giving an extra bonus would just result in more p2w.
    As a staff member, I've noticed this issue. Red armor makes you a target indeed, but I don't think this is much of a problem for other donators. Nowadays, I barely see any targeting, and if any, it is towards someone that has direspected a person. It's actually a really cool thing, and I am sure a lot of players would prefer if it stayed like that.
    Quadrouple is just insane in my opinion. There are already multipliers though, and if I'm not mistaken they are the following:
    VIP: +50%
    VIP+: +100%
    MVP: +150%
    MVP+: +200%
    PRO: +250%
    PRO+: +300%
    (Don't take my word on this - I'm not sure about these)

    You are not required to donate, it is something you do if you love the server or want some extra goodies. And in all honesty, $100 is not much in comparison to how much it costs to maintain a server.
  5. theres already a quad multiplier for pro+ i even just checked using a alt and my main

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