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  1. So the EULA has changed last year as we all know and now, emails have been going out to server owners about complying to these. This is not saying NirvanaMC isn't EULA compliment just this email that i have seen from "[email protected]" states about purchase able currency.

    Petition to change the EULA //
    Reddit thread about this //

    Letter i have seen//

    We have noticed that you operate a server for Minecraft called {RETRACTED}. We work for Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, helping to protect Mojang’s intellectual property rights and the Minecraft community.

    This email is intended to provide you with information and clarification of certain concerns that exist over your sever. It is not intended to be a formal letter before action or threat of legal action - we merely wish to let you know that there are certain things that need to be addressed in the hope that you will take the appropriate steps. Of course, if you don’t take these steps then we may be asked to take the matter further - but the intention is that this email should be sufficient.

    As we are sure you are aware Minecraft has a very significant and loyal fan base and community. Mojang is very keen to ensure that its community is treated fairly and that it and newcomers to Minecraft are not taken unfair advantage of. Mojang has therefore established the following Brand Guidelines and Commercial Use Guidelines in relation to the use of its intellectual property rights ("Brand Guidelines") (“Commercial Guidelines”)

    These Brand Guidelines and Commercial Guidelines have been established to allow third parties like yourself to use Mojang's intellectual property rights in certain circumstances and subject to certain conditions. They are, in fact very generous, in what they consider to be acceptable - which is all part of Mojang’s commitment to letting its community do cool stuff. In particular we recognise the important part that servers, such as yourselves, play in the Minecraft community.

    We are therefore seeking to ensure that your server complies with the applicable Brand Guidelines and Commercial Guidelines and does not misuse Mojang's Intellectual Property – and, if it does, you have an opportunity to correct it.

    We have identified the following issues with your server:

    1. Some rank perks affects gameplay.
    2. Some items in the store affects gameplay.
    3. In-game currency is available for purchase.

    These activities are specifically prohibited by the Mojang Brand Guidelines and Commercial Guidelines. Therefore, please make the following changes:

    1. Make sure that all perks are in line with the Commercial Guidelines linked to earlier.
    2. Make sure that all items are in line with the Commercial Guidelines linked to earlier.
    3. Please remove the ability to purchase in-game currency.

    Please always be explicit about who to contact about the server, who the operator is, and that it is NOT Mojang, NOT associated with Mojang and NOT supported by Mojang.

    We are sure you appreciate the reasons for this and we should therefore be grateful if you would confirm your receipt of this email and your confirmation that you will take the requested action.

    If we do not hear from you within 7 days of this email, we will have to write to you more formally and that may lead to more formal measures.

    Best regards,

    Brandon Andersson

    Thanks for Reading

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  3. soo... buying nuggets is not supposed to be allowed? Since it is considered in game currency.. And if i'm not correct Rank perks are supposed to change the gameplay that's why they are "ranks" able to be purchased. Please correct me if im wrong
  4. Yes you cannot buy Nugget as it is an in-game currency! This is against the EULA.
    Ranks cannot contain perks that modify the gameplay, they can only have visual advantage e.g Particles or Effects.

    Nirvana does not have any game modes that do this but on lone survivor i believe the donators gain access to kits that normal users cannot access, this would not be aloud in the EULA terms. You would have to modify it so that Default users can unlock those kits after a goal or a in game currency reward!
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  6. Welp i guess thats one thing i disagree with, because even the big servers as like NirvanaMc, You buy a rank and get certain kits. Thats why there Purchased in the store to have an advantage, wouldn't be fair to the players if everyone was able to get a mvp+ kit as a default player.
  7. Because of that EULA thingy I am pretty sure a lot server will step down :/
  8. Exactly it kind of takes away from keeping the server up, having paid devs, etc... Because now your not making any money from the server. I don't know how exactly that thingy passed or what not
  9. I did leave a link in the OP post where u can vote to get the EULA reconsidered!
  10. Sure bby <3
  11. Oh I guess I should read better xD
  12. Yeah!!!
  13. Lol you know I am perm banned from the server :p
  14. Why?!! o.0
  15. @Wubs Wanna take a read?
  16. Hah because of a chargeback problems xD
  17. @Grrim and @Ordaine maybe one of you can pass this to Wubs?

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