Dear Nirvana.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Walrus, May 8, 2016.

  1. Hey. It's Steven. I go under another alias now, 'Alfie'. I know we had some bad times, but we also had some good times as well. Only here to apologize. I'm not interested in Minecraft anymore, but good luck in what ever you do. I've realized I've been a pain, and that my apology wasn't even true. I've matured afterwards, and I go on this different forums, it's quite fun. You used to be my friend, and I hope I can mend that, anyways. I just hopped on cause Windows notified me of a teamspeak update, which reminded me of you, Nirvana. Haven't been on here in ages. Sorry for any trouble I caused you, or the others as well. See you.

    (This was formatted as a letter to Nirvana. Just imagine Nirvana as a person in this thread, k? Good.)
  2. <3

    Yo I like what you've did with the animation in your profile picture :p
  3. Thanks, haha.
  4. The legend himself has spoken
  5. Thanks haha. I've changed a lot though.

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