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  1. This is a former ip banned player, that is now unbanned. This in my opinion should not be allowed. It is my understanding they purchased an unban and mvp. Dalm is a know hacker and an unsavoury person. Since being unbanned they have been kicked for macros which is hacks. They also have a large number of punishments ( nirvanamc.com/bans ) and has had many alts banned for ban evading. In y opinion once players are perm banned they are gone unless they appleal successfully.
    Thanks for reading
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  2. I agree with you, I don't really like the fact that you can buy to yourself a unban, even if it is just 3 times :/
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  3. Nah.
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  4. Nirvana put unbans in the shop for a reason, which is allowing the players to come back on at a fee, they'll probs get perm'd again if they continue to hack or whatever then Nirvana basically made ezpz money. Anyways, Dalm bought MVP long before she was banned at first.
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  5. First of all, Dalmatian was not ip banned, she was account banned, and she was using an alt generator. Quite a lot of people can vpn if they get ip banned, which changes their ips. And we never blacklisted them from the store, so she took advantage of what she had. If she does anything wrong, just like any other player, they get banned.
  6. I remember when me and Dalm had a huge argument who started to target first... Such good times ;-;
  7. Well she was ip banned in the past i didnt say she currently was.
  8. Yeah, that was before she learnt she could vpn xD
  9. What is vpn?
  10. Vpning is basically changing your ip address so you can bypass ip bans
  11. How staff can find out if you change your ip address? If this is even possible :/
  12. Only higher up staff can
  13. It is probably too complicated to explain it here
  14. They use ub3r h4x0rz to acess the miencwaft databaes to hack into ur router and see if u changed ips or not.

    Oh wait thats what i do
  15. To be honest, I don't know how they check if someone has vpned or not, usually it is pretty obvious. But I know there is ways, I don't know those ways, but there is ways xD
  16. Best guide eveh, "How to check if someone vpning"
  17. lel
  18. xD
  19. Lmao your wrong I told her to get a vpn to hide your IP lmao trust me she was IP banned

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