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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by bloodshed121, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. just got banned for 30 days for bypassing when I wasn't but hey oh well I geuss probs wont come back to nirvana idk yet but yea bye :(
  2. I'm actually pretty upset being all I did was play on nirvana just to get denied and banned but oh well :/
  3. Why did you get banned? your alt was on?
  4. At first it was a 5 day ban and then I bypassed 1 time and they extended it to 11 day which pissed me off enough being that I was that stupid to bypass then once my power was out due to a snow storm which means rip internet I come back to a 30 day ban for my other 2 alts "bypassing" when they weren't :/
  5. rip bloodshed :(
    cya, i'll miss you D:
  6. So yea being that the 30 day stuck pissed me off to where I actually didn't even want to come back to nirvana
  7. Idk if I'm leaving the server yet it depends :/ I'm pretty upset that they kept with a 30 day ban for bypassing when I physically could not even get on to bypass
  8. Stay on the server! The shouldn't have banned the alts if they weren't on. The have a command to check when the account was last online. So they shouldn't have banned the accounts unless the were on after you had a ban
  9. K bye.
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  10. I did try a ban appeal immediate denial just shows how much they like to ban and keep people banned :/
  11. As I said "K bye" use it on them and I guarantee you that you will be unbanned!
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  12. Wait, my question is, is every ban an ip ban then?
  13. We have very good ways of showing if someone is an alt, and whos alt it is.
  14. He logged onto the account, that is how we knew it was his alt :p
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  15. No, every ban is an account ban, unless someone starts spamming alts, then it can turn into that
  16. So you've just said that the staff are banning the accounts, not the peoples, like when someone grifed and he saying it was his brother, the staff say "We are banning accounts, not specific peoples" so I don't see the problem using alt accounts xD

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