Cursade Release Date?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by stonehatch, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Could we have some hints about how long until crusade might release? I have been waiting ever since it went down so i really want to know when it might come back up. I know you had a staff testing so i dont think it will be to long but i still wish for a small hint. :)
  2. theres no eta on it cause trav works on it only during his free time which is just randomly done
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  3. You will see a post either by wubs or the managers when it is in beta.
  4. Will there first be a donor only beta?
  5. hope so!
  6. that wouldn't be fair for us non-donors :p
  7. there was one for cubed chaos and it seems fair because we have donated to the server :p
  8. O.O Crusade-1 is on /glist
  9. Perks of being a donor :p
    Liiiiiiies! :O
    You see nothing!

  11. this is Crusade not cc ;)
  12. technically not true cause its only Crusade theres no -1 this time xD
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  13. I actually went into Crusade for a second when /server Crusade came, then got kicked by reason: Nope
    I was only able to say "finally", poor me =(
    And yes, there will be a donor-only beta.
  14. I can see some people are dying for crusade to come back xD
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  15. ;--;
    The 1 was there for like a minute tho...
  16. mmm, i must be seeing things o.o
  17. Hopefully there should be, but we'll have to wait and see :3
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  18. A donor beta would just cause a bunch of drama. Everyone just needs to be patient and it will be a release. No betas. Betas are bad.
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  19. So you guys got rid of it? Wow.
  20. Got rid of what?

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