Cubed Chaos, the next season!

Discussion in 'News' started by Wubs, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know, the next season of Cubed Chaos starts on Friday, July 15th!
    This season will feature a more Vanilla feeling map, as well as the previous Cubed season spawn!

    If you have any suggestions or questions for the new season of cubed, leave them here!


    Q.Will i lose my items/house?
    A.This is a new season, the map and inventories will be reset!

    Q.Whats new with the next season?
    A. we are doing away with land prot, and adding in some new exciting features! new crates, vote rewards, and a bunch of other things!

    Q. Will there be a beta?
    A. Yes, keep your eyes peeled for a Donor only, and then public beta test in the next few days!

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  2. Awesome! I have been waiting for a new season for a while! :D
  3. Would the beta test be the 15th or would it be earlier?
  4. it would be earlier since the full release is the 15th but only donors will be in beta
  5. Will donor crates return? :O
  6. i miss the donor crates so much
  7. Rip 1500x1500 and 200 height project xD

    Cant wait to start play :p
  8. ikr .-.
  9. Will the overworld be reset after Beta?
  10. If land prot is being done away with, is there a means to figure out who griefed an area while we were away from the server? I ask because my house was griefed several times this season nothing too major, but it does leave one with an uneasy feeling and certainly made me consider my participation if only because it seems rather pointless to keep playing when someone keeps undoing your hard work.

    Also, any idea if mcmmo will be returned to CC?
  11. Cubed never had a mcmmo.
    As far as grief protection, staff have rollbacks and core inspect as usual :p

    You can also protect important blocks/spawners with signs as they lock themselves and whatever blocks are around them.
  12. Oooooooh. I really like that for the signs. Also I could have sworn that, not this season, but the one just before had tree feller, as I was using it to clear a jungle area. Idk maybe I got confused. But one big YES for the sign lockdowns. That's all I was really super concerned about. :) Thank you thank you!!
  13. We haven't had tree feller since the old map we are using for the beta currently xD
  14. I remember that in 1 season (or more) there was something like tree feller, that if you chopped a tree it would show a lil firework and it would chop the whole tree..
  15. That's what I'm remembering I think. It doesn't have to really be actual mcmmo. I just miss the tree feller. lol

    Also, Ordaine, do you know if there will be anything like a nugget shop for CC ever/in the future? It would be interesting and a goal for peeps. Idk just wondering.
  16. I remember it too, after you chopped it, it placed a sapling :p
  17. That tree feller was 2 seasons ago.

    There should be a nugget shop coming to cubed and I've been throwing ideas around with wubs about adding skyblock type challenges to cubed as well.
    But we shall see.
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